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commonly referred generally as “vermouth” used for classic cocktails or simply as an aperitif, a lovely, lower alcohol libation.
The differences occur when one uses a specific botanical:
-Vermouth uses wormwood
-Chinato/Quinquina uses quinine
-Americano uses gentian


3oz 12

Traditional: olive and lime swath, sidecar of soda water



3oz 12

orange swath


3oz 12

lemon wedge


Fortified, Oxidative & Dessert Wines

SOLD OUT--Henriques & Henriques, 10 year Sercial, Madeira, Portugal

2.5 oz 11

H&H is the second oldest producer, in Madeira, and the oldest to continuously maintain their vineyards, since 1850. Unlike other Madeira producers, H&H only uses 100% varietal. Sercial provides mouthwatering acidity, apricot, and nuttiness. If you are looking for a Manzanilla Sherry, try this. Madeira keeps indefinitely, so that freshness today will be there tomorrow! A perfect pairing with oysters.

2015 Quinta do Infantado, LATE BOTTLE VINTAGE Port, Portugal

2.5 oz 12

Even with Port, we will only seek out producers that are ethical. The Roseira family has owned their vineyards since the 19th century, and are still run by the family today. A reflection of Gontelho’s unique terrior along the Douro River, this ruby has been bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Quinta do Infantado, Tawny Port, Portugal

2.5 oz 12

João Roseira is such a meticulous vigneron, the quality of the grapes are such high quality, he can use 30% less brandy in the fortifying process, than others in the area. This, as well as, using small boxes to haul grapes to the winery post harvest, eliminating broken berries which causes oxidative flaws, creates a less syrupy port.

2017 Château la rame, semillon/sauvignon blanc, sainte-croix-du-mont, bordeaux, france

2.5 oz 14

Sainte-Croix-du-Mont sits directly west across the Garonne River from it's more famous neighborsSauternes and Barsac. However, at their finest, the wines rival the two in quality. There is no equal when it comes to price! Bright, fresh, clover honey, lemon curd, without being overly cloying and syrupy. Refreshing on a hot day. 

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