To Eat

Raw Oyster*

 on the half shell, with lemon $3.95


 herbed butter $4.25

castelvetrano olives

Sicily's finest  $7

Marcona Almonds

sea salt and olive oil  $7


herbed salt, garlic aïoli*  $8

Werp Farm Greens SALAD

blueberry vinaigrette, dry roasted beets, gorgonzola dolce, toasted walnuts  $15

BURRATA & Winter squash 

Nichols Farm squash, caper raisin dressing, eggplant puree  $16

Caramelized onion & Mushroom Galette

chèvre ice cream, mizuna greens, herbed crust  $15

fresh spaghettiPecorino Romano, black pepper, Parmigiano Reggiano $19
bar harbor mussels*
apple, fennel, white wine, tarragon rouille, ciabatta $18
Slagel Farms grass-fed beef, sharp cheddar, charred-scallion aioli, shoestring potatoes, house pickles on brioche $17
Pan Fried Rainbow Trout*
citrus beurre blanc, fried capers, tobiko, herb salad $26
D'artagnan family farms flatiron*
6 oz grass and grain fed beef, adjika, spiced fried potatoes, yogurt sauce, pickled onions. Served medium-rare $30
Cheese Board

rotating selection of 3 cheeses, preserves,

fresh fruit, baguette, $24

ala carte $8


all 3 meats listed below, accoutrements, bread and crackers $34

Duck rillettes
Moulard duck legs, white wine, peppercorn
port and cherry jam, pickled carrots, brioche $14
 Tipsy cow Hard Salami
brandy and garlic
served with dijon mustard, pickles, and crackers $14
Big Chet's salami
pork with red pepper, black pepper, fennel, garlic, white wine
served with dijon mustard, pickles, and crackers $14
Bread & Crackers

warmed baguette + crackers

for enjoying with multiple plates $3

Extra Bread

from La Fournette Bakery $1.5

VANILLA ice cream LIZ's Way

vanilla bean, COS Winery extra virgin olive oil, sea salt $9

chocolate Olive Oil cake

almond brittle, PX cream, cherry $9

chef Madalyn Durrant


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


delivered weekly from Duxbury Inlet, Massachusetts, these are arguably the freshest oysters in Chicago

Just in time for september

Canned Natural wine from California!

Sans Wine Co., Carbonic Carignan, Poor Ranch Vineyards, Mendocino, California

18 (375mL can = 12.7 oz)

Partners Gina Schober and Jake Stover, started Sans in 2015 with the intention of producing wines from organically grown grapes and environmentally conscience growers. They also wanted their product to reflect the environmentally conscience ideals of their farmers by packing their product in cans. Trust me folks, the days of glass bottles for everything are numbered. And, great wine can be packaged in cans. I long since wanted to bring these in to Webster's because I truly love the wines. You find aromas of blackberries, plum, violet, and even some rhubarb. Carbonic Carignan is a fantastic summer red! Definitely check out Sans!!

Distributed by Lagniappe Wines, Chicago




Marino abate 'Inzolita,' Inzolia, Pétillant Naturel, Sicily
Glass 13 Bottle 52

This fun little bottle came across my desk recently, and I expected it to be more style (check out the unique bottle) over substance. I was pleasantly surprised that the wine held on to the dry, lemony, slightly nutty essence one comes to expect from Inzolia (aka Insolia, aka Ansonica). With much of the yeast still in the bottle, the wine is ever evolving gloriously so. The first time this wine has been offered in Chicago!  

Imported by Nicola Biscardo (Simple Farmer Wines, Chicago)

Patrice Colin 'Perles Grises,' Pineau d'Aunis, Pet-Nat, Loire Valley, France (Rosé)

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Located in the Coteaux du Vendômois, Patrice oversees the entire life of his wines from vineyard work, to vinification, and bottling. He incorporates biodiversity within his vineyards with some 150 different plants amongst the vines. Pineau d'Aunis is such a fun grape! I love its ability to be peppery and berry expressive. The wine finishes fermentation in the bottle with absolutely no sugar, juice, honey, etc, added, so expect a dry and precise sparkler here. 

Imported by Candid Wines, Chicago

LA COLLINA 'QUARESIMO,' lambrusco dell'Emilia, emilia-romagna, italy (fizzy red)

Glass 12 Bottle 48

It's back!! Quite possibly the most enjoyed Lambrusco we've offered is back and I couldn't be happier! La Collina is an organic/biodynamic farming cooperative that not only produces this gem, also vegetables, grains, livestock, bees, and dairy for Parmagiano-Reggiano. Enjoy this zippy, perky, fizzy red with meat and cheese selections.

Imported by Cream Wines, Chicago, IL


Leth 'Ried Steinagrund,' Grüner veltliner, Wagram, Austria, 2020

Glass 13 Bottle 52

A recent guest was sitting at the bar working on the computer and utilizing, wait for it, a mouse and track pad! And, I thought that was so rad. It made me nostalgic for the olden days. Back in the AOL, dial up, mouse and track pad days, I was cutting my teeth as a baby sommelier. One of the first lessons you learn is "when in doubt with a difficult pairing, use a Grüner Veltliner!" Leth's wines exemplify every characteristic I recall from those well served Grüner's. Steely Dan lean, white pepper, and oozing with terrior. 

Imported by The Sorting Table (H2Vino, Chicago)


Glass 13 Bottle 52

Jacquère is a truly beguiling varietal in that, when I think of it, I immediately want cheese. Alpine raclette, Emmenthal, Tomme de Savioe, and on and on. Why? It's a structured white that was built with it's regional cheeses in mind. Very reminiscent of Chenin with its subtle hints of residual sugar, laffy taffy, sunflower, and chamomile. Romain Chamiot is pregressing his family historic vineyards to more sustainable techniques to combat climate change. Beautiful region. Beautiful wine.

Imported by Rosenthal Wine Merchants (Cream Wines, Chicago)

Virna 'Sto Fuori,' Timorasso, Langhe, Barolo, Italy, 2020

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Have you had the pleasure to meet "Tommy Timorasso?" The "Derthona King of Chicago??" No? Well, if you did he probably gave you the "three foot sales" pitch on this unique grape. Resurrected by the acerbic, mad genius, Walter Massa, who was thought to be "Sto Fuori" or "a little crazy" for championing this grape when Arnies was much easier to grow and make money on. While this isn't a Massa wine, I enjoy the Borgogno families which comes from their property in Cannubi. The elegance and richness you'll experience is indicative of the limestone soils and low altitude aspect of the vineyard. Wait? Did I just "three foot rule" sell you too??

Imported by Shiverick Imports (High Road Wine & Spirits, Chicago)


Glass 13 Bottle 52

Scott Frank generally sets out to craft his wines like the wines he loves from the Loire Valley. Admittedly, this one gears more Friulian. A blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Pinot Gris, with all of the fruit coming from great vineyards in the Willamette. A wine, that I like to say, answers a lot of question with "Yes!"

Yet, also drinks like a lovely Chardonnay.    

Distributed by Vom Boden Wines, Chicago


(Quick explanation: White wine grapes where the skins were not separated from the pressed juice and left on during the fermentation process, resulting in it’s color and texture.)
Do-Re-Me (Dō-Ray-Mē), Rkatsitelli/Mtsvane (Cat-suh-tell-E, Muhts-Van-nah), KakHeti, Georgia, 2020 

Glass 13 Bottle 52  

Friends Giorgi and Mamuka partnered together to craft traditional Georgian wines that only ferment with natural, wild yeasts and never any additives. The grapes spend six months on their skins in underground Earthenware called, Kvevri. This is the first time I've offered Do-Re-Mi's wines and quite likely the best vintage I've tasted from them. The wine shows more tea notes than fruits, with a tannin level that rivals most red wines. This all combines to create one of the most versatile wines for food pairings! Gaumarjos!! 

Imported by Terraneo Wines, Chicago


Glass 14 Bottle 56 

This is NOT going to be orange in color, but it is also not a "rosé." Pinot Gris (Grigio) grapes are not a "white" grape. They grow into a copper-ish, rose-ish color. When left on the skins, or not made in bulk, the wine takes on this copper color. Maloof leaves their's on the skins like you would an "orange" wine. Excellent balance of texture and acidity. You're palate and brain will play tricks on you. Rest assured it is seriously good juice! From one of Oregon's premier organic and biodynamically farmed vineyards. Highly sought after.  

Distributed by Minum Wines, Chicago


NV Bodegas Yuste, Palomino Fino, Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalusia, Spain

Glass 12

Yuste adopted a 19th century solera with his own to produce a complex and beguiling Manzanilla, between 8 and 10 years of age. This comes from keg and not bottle, so the Sherry “purest” can’t complain that it’s not “fresh.”

Imported by Classical Wines (High Roads Wine and Spirits, Chicago)



Karl Fritsch 'Zeit,' Zweigelt, Wagram, Austria, 2020
Glass 12 Bottle 48

Fritsch converted his vineyards to biodynamic farming, in 2006 and help found Respekt-Biodyvin, an association of Austrian/German growers who share in this philosophy. Wagram is located 40 miles Northwest of Vienna and sits on the classic blend of loess, sand, gravel, and limestone bedrock, perfect for growing Gruner Veltliner and spicy Zweigelt. Eight hours on the skins produced an unusual shade of terra cotta. An easy summer drinker, fresh cherry, plum, and oolong tea. 

Imported by Jenny & Francois Selections (VineJoy, Chicago)



Glass 12 

I could not imagine a better person to represent the obscure Loire Valley wine region known as the Côte Roannaise, than Romain Paire. When I was first introduced to his wines, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality for the prices they fetch! We welcomed Romain, and his wife, for a winemaker takerover night, here in 2019. And, I visited them at their home in Roanne, in 2020. You can see the hills of Beaujolais from his highest peaked vineyard, but I assure you, this Gamay has it' own identity.

Served from Magnum, inquire for bottle pricing 

Imported by Original Wine Company, Chicago, IL

Domaine Ribiera 'Tintorela,' Cinsault/Grenache, Languedoc-Roussillon,France, NV

Glass 12 Bottle 48

Regis Pichon gave up his sommelier gig at the world famous La Tour d'Argent, and moved his family to a tiny village in the Languedoc and start making wine. It wasn't the famous Bordeaux and Burgundy wines he poured for guests that helped shape his winemaking style. Rather, it was a bottle of Pierre Overnoy that showed Regis that wine doesn't need heavy extraction and high levels of sulfur to be stable, balanced, fresh, and relatable. The softness of the Cinsault really stands out initially, but finishes with Grenache's broad spectrum of dried berries and garrigue. A great late summer sipper.  

Imported by Zev Rovine Selections (Cream Wines, Chicago)

Combel La Serré 'La Vigne juste derrière chez carbo,' Malbec/Côt, Cahors, France, 2019

Glass 12 Bottle 48

As the name implies, these vines are located in a small parcel behind the home of a fellow by the name of Carbonier, aka "Carbo," The grapes grow big and juicy which also lends itself to successfully vinify through a process called "carbonic maceration" or basically having the weight of the grapes crush themselves as yeast attaches to the sugar and fermentation takes place. The result is a delightful little drinker with some nice juicy blue fruits, soft tannins and a tad more "umf" than the Cabernet Franc. 

Imported by Louis/Dressner Selections (Maverick Wines, Chicago)

Les Vingnes du Mortier 'La P'Tite Vadrouille,' Merlot/Cabernet Franc, Loire Valley, France, 2020

Glass 13 Bottle 52

The tour of wines from Fabien and Cyril Boisard comes to a conclusion with this delightful autumnal sipper. In vintages when spring frost decimate their own potential production, they purchase fruit from some friends in Bordeaux's Dordogne region. A classic case of nature vs nurture, in that I don't perceive this as a Bordeaux style, it tastes like a Loire Valley wine. Enjoy this with Chef Madalyn's carmelized onion and mushroom galette without hesitation.

Imported by Jenny and Francois Selections (VineJoy, Chicago)

Santamaria 'Tranoi,' Grenache/Nielluciu, Patrimonio, Corsica, 2020

Glass 14 Bottle 56

From the beautiful island of Corsica, notably the Patrimonio region, comes this blend of Grenache and Nielluciu (a Sangiovese clone from Genoa, Italy, not Tuscany) and commonly found throughout Corsica. Dark, brooding, with chewy tannins and plummy overtones.

Imported by Selection Massale, Oakland, CA​


Stina 'Cuvée Red,' Red Blend, Island of Brač, Croatia, 2019

Glass 14 Bottle 56

The Island of Brač is one of the most picturesque in the world and a retreat for those who need to unwind, or release their inner artist. A dramatic place to farm grapes with it's short, moderate Mediterranean winters and dry summers. The famed white stones predominant in the soil are suited perfectly for growing Plavic Mali, the dominant grape in this blend. Known for its dense dark wines, when combined with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, you can expect a rich, cinnamon, and dark chocolate tone. Let's go to Brač!

Imported by Terraneo Wines, Chicago​




Glass 9 Bottle 45

Launched in December 2020, Proxies are a whole new form of beverage, but not "de-alcoholized" or "non-alcohol" wine. They are layered blends of juices, teas, spices and designed to be paired with food and enjoyed like a wine. "Pastiche" uses Gewurtztraminer grapes, lychee, pineapple, peach, rose vinegar, pink peppercorn, galangal, clove, bai jian white tea, oolong tea, and mosaic hops. I'm just to sold on the "de-alcoholized" wines I've tasted. This I found to be the better alternative to wine for its complexity and body.

Distributed by Maverick Wines



Maplewood 'Pulaski Pils,' Logan Square, Chicago

[5% 12 oz] 7

Only controlled biological farming of malt, hops, and barley, and wheat, are used in the brewing process for this incredible offering from Stiegl! It's cloudy, unfiltered body preserves all of the natural nutrients. This beer is only around for a limited time, so take advantage! 

Burnt city brewery 'Raptor snacks," IPA, District Brew Yards, Chicago

[7% 12 oz] 7

"Citra and experimental HBC-630 hops get together to lend delectable notes of tropical fruit and hard candy to this local west coast-style IPA. Hop-forward, but not aggressively bitter. A good beer to pair with a wide range of foods."--Ben Saller, Brewer, and friend of ours


Burnt city brewery 'Oktoberfest,' Marzen, District Brew Yards, Chicago

[5.3% 16 oz Can] 7

A traditional amber lager that is brewed with German malts, hops, and yeast. Pleasantly malty and surprisingly crisp. My personal favorite Oktoberfest beer! -- CS

Cider in Can and Large Format Bottle

Tandem Cidery 'Smackintosh,' Apple Cider, Suttons Bay, Michigan​

[4.5%, 16 oz] 7

Handcrafting their cider with a traditional rack and cloth press, standard fermentation, and a little Leelanau County love, Nikki Rothwell and Dan Young have been producing some truly delicious ciders since 2006. A blend of McIntosh (for some sweet), Rhode Island Greenings (for some dry), and Northern Sky (for palate pleasing acidity) apples come together for an awesome summer cider.

Julien Fremont, Apple Cidre Brut, Normandy, France, 2020 ​

[6%, 750ml] 28

Julien crafts a unique style of cidre in the most natural process possible. All the apples are hand harvested, pressed through a web cloth to extract every bit of juice possible, then racked into wooden vats. He does not add any sulfur at any point, so the fermentation continues in the bottle. 


bushido ‘way of the warrior,’ Junmai Ginjo Sake, Kyoto, Japan

[18%, 180mL] 12

This clean, refreshing sake is a great representation of traditional Junmai Ginjo style; watermelon rind, pear, tart berries.