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To Eat

Daily Oyster*

 on the half shell, with lemon $3.50


with seasonal farmer's pesto $4.00

Caviar Supplement

30 gram chip and no frills of White Sturgeon Caviar from Sterling Farms in Eleverta, CA $74

castelvetrano olives

pitted in brine $7

Marcona Almonds

Chef Matthew's herb/spice blend  $6


herbed salt, garlic aïoli*  $7


whipped butter, Maldon sea salt  $11

Shishito fundido

blistered peppers under melted fontina cheese, crostini  $12

Flash Fried BRUSSELS

leek fondue, parmigiano-reggiano  $11


brown butter, garlic, thyme  $10


organic vegetables, croutons, citrus-tahini vinaigrette $11

Conservas akA 'TINNED FISH'

tuna or mackerel with whipped butter, mustard, seasoned saltines $14


mushroom medley, smokey/savory butter, smoked trout roe, crostini $16


spiral pasta, creole spiced cream sauce $20


smoked ham, Emmenthaler, Le Gruyère custard and dijon $14

add an egg for a Croque Madame $1

Slagel Farms grass-fed beef, sharp cheddar, bacon jam, shoestring potatoes, charred-scallion aioli $16

celeriac pureé, soft herb salad, grilled lemon $25
Venison loin*
delicata squash, fig jus $29
Cheese Board

rotating selection of 3 cheeses, preserves,

fresh fruit, baguette, $24

ala carte $8

 Pork Rillettes

mustard, pickles, preserves, baguette $11

dijon, pickles and crackers $10
Pork and peppercorn salami with dijon, pickles and crackers $11

Bread & Crackers

warmed baguette + crackers

for enjoying with multiple plates $3

Extra Baguette

from La Boulangerie $1.5


assorted flavors from La Boulangerie $5



october 2021


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.





Mas Gomá 'la planta,' cava, penedés, spain, NV
Glass 13 Bottle 52

The Vendrell family has been making wine on and off, from there estate, since 1918. In 2009, they fully took over and converted organic farming with minimal interventions. This is not a mass produced version of "party" Cava. The wine spends 24 months on the lees providing a delicate balance between melon and citrus fruits. 

Imported by Selection Massale

Pivnica Čajkov (Piv-Nee-kah Chi-Kov) 'Vulcanica #5,' Pinot Gris (skin contact), Slovakia, NV (Rosé)
Glass 13 Bottle 52

This "untraditional" pétillant naturel sparkler is comprised of two different vintages of juice to "restart" the fermentation for the current bottling. Čajkov is one of the growing number of producers in the region shunning commercial and conventional farming in lieu of minimal intervention. The name "Vulcanica" tells you the grapes come from a dormant volcano that has become a ski resort AND the Trekkies finally get into the wine game! Live long and prosper with this beauty! 

Imported by Terraneo Merchants

la collina 'quaresimo,' lambrusco dell'Emilia, emilia-romagna, italy (fizzy red)
Glass 12 Bottle 48

After many years of industrially produced medicrity, Emilia is now home to a small, but growing cell of artisinal producers. A zippy, plumy expression blended from Salamino, Maestri, Malbo Gentile, and the venerable Gasparosa.

Imported by Cream Wine Co.


Xarmant, honDARRABI ZURI, Txacoli de Álava, basque country, spain, 2020
250mL Can 15
"Txacoli time!" Pronounced (chaw-kuh-lee) this region of Northeast Spain specializes in crisp, naturally frizzante, wines typically enjoyed straight from a pouring vessel called a "porron." Crisp, green apple and racy acidity is perfect with a dozen, or so, oysters.

Imported by De Maison Selections

villargeau, sauvignon blanc, côteaux du giennois, loire valley, france, 2019
Glass 12 Bottle 48

The tiny area of Côteaux du Giennois (Kō-toe dew Zhee-in-wah) sits in the shadow of more famous regions Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé, yet, for my money, exhibits flintier, mineral, and bouncier flavor profiles than its famous neighbors due to the clay-limestone and silex dominant soils. Marc Thibault farms all 20 hectares to organic and sustainable practices, while also promoting polycultural farming. I've long enjoyed Villargeau's Sauvignon Blanc, one of least favorite grapes, because it never exhibits pyrazines that are way over the top causing overtly grassy/cat pee aromatics.

Imported by Robert Houde Wines

Echeverria 'No es Pituko,' viognier (Vee-aa-nyay), Valle del Curicó, Chile, 2021

Glass 12 Bottle 48

About 16 years ago, during the height of the consumer ABC (anything but Chardonnay) movement, I started championing the French grape, Viognier. The problem was, winemakers outside of Condrieu had no idea how to elaborate the grape without it tasting like, you guessed it, Chardonnay. Fast forward to 2021, and from all the places in the world, Echeverria, in Chile, continually makes their's showing salinity, minerality, whilst keeping the hallmark spring floral mix, peach, and baking spice. VEE-OH-YAY!!

Imported by T. Edwards Wines

Jean-Paul brun 'Terres Dorées,' chardonnay, Beaujolais, France, 2019

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Jean-Paul Brun crafts his Chardonnay from vineyards in the very south of Beaujolais, also known as the "Region of Golden Stones." The consummate perfectionist, Jean-Paul does not believe in utilizing commercial, or industrial methods. And, although he may be in the autumn of his days, he still continues to work all of his vineyards by hand. A true expression of Chardonnay indicative of its rugged terrior. Hallmark notes of macadamia nut, almond, and honeysuckle, with nervy acidity. Demand is also high with this one!

Imported by Louis/Dressner 


(Quick explanation: White wine grapes where the skins were not separated from the pressed juice and left on during the fermentation process, resulting in it’s color and texture.)
Maurer, Furmint, Fruska Gora Mountains, Serbia, 2020

Glass 12 Bottle 48

Oszkar Maurer planted this vineyard in the mountains bordering Serbia and Croatia, in 2010. The volcanic bedrock topped by marine sediment, highlights the elevated acidity his wines showcase. Furmint, known largely as the main white grape in Hungary, sees a short, 2-3 day skin maceration, then ages briefly in large, old, old, old, Hungarian oak barrels. An approachable entrée into the world of "orange" wine and works wonderfully with everything from oysters to salmon.  

Imported by Terraneo Merchants

Vartsiskhe, Tsolikouri (So-la-cory), Imereti, Georgia, 2019

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Utilizing the ancient winemaking process of naturally fermenting the grape juice with stems and skins included, for about six months, in clay, earthenware vessels called "qvevri." This process produces a tannin forward structure more closely associated with red wines. Tsolikouri maintains a delightful balance of floral, Asian fruits, and white tea characteristics.

Imported by Terraneo Merchants


NV Bodegas Yuste, Palomino Fino, Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalusia, Spain

Glass 12

Yuste adopted a 19th century solera with his own to produce a complex and beguiling Manzanilla, between 8 and 10 years of age. This comes from keg and not bottle, so the Sherry “purest” can’t complain that it’s not “fresh.”

Imported by Classical Wines



Labbe, Pinot Noir/Mondeuse, Savoie, France, 2020

Glass 12 Bottle 48

Savoie proximity to the French and Swiss Alps has made it a destination for winter and summer vacations which, in turn, means the wines produced in this region get consumed in this region. Fortunately, Labbe’s rosé made it back to the States this year. Perennially one of my favorite rosé's!

Imported by Thomas Calder Selections


olivier minot 'la boutanche,' gamay, beaujolais, France, 2020 

Glass 12 Bottle 60 (1 liter)

The "La Boutanche" bottlings are meant to be fun, not fussy, easy drinkers to be enjoyed amongst friends. While this may conjure up the thought that these wines are "simple" Olivier Minot shatters that notion. His Gamay showcases nearly every great flavor profile that attracts people to this grape. Besides the hallmark cherry, strawberry, raspberry, you'll also find hints of black tea, tilled soil, and cinnamon. This wine never disappoints!

Imported by Selection Massale 

Andrea calek 'a tois nous,' grenache/syrah/carignan, Ardeche, France, 2020

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Devotees of the wines from this eccentric Czech expat will be thrilled to find this back on the menu. For the newly initiated, you'll quickly see why this has so much enjoyability and approachability. The blend changes slightly year to year. Equal parts Grenache and Syrah, with 20% Carignan, to provide even more savory and spice notes. 

Imported by Sensus Wine

Mibal, Tempranillo, ribera del Duero, Spain, 2016

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Partners Miguel Plates and Javier Ballesteros are true garagistes, they literally make their wine in a garage, not a big fancy facility. Labled "Crianza" the wine spends 14 months in French and American oak, then rests for 16 months in bottle before release. What the wine possess that many in this region have difficulty achieving is balance. Plums, cassis, with spice and smoke. Care and craftsmanship at its finest.

Imported by T. Edward's Wines

julien cecillon 'les graviers,' syrah, northern Rhône, France, 2018

Glass 11 Bottle 44

Julien, with his partner, American, Nancy Kerschen, strive to make balanced, food friendly wines, and their Syrah is no different. The grapes come from vineyards in the southern end of the northern Rhône region, Ardeche and Drôme, as well as vineyards near Crozes-Hermitage. Rare for Syrah this young to be so accessible. Classic notes of fig, calamata olive, violets, and bacon. Oh, the smokey bacon. As the sun still shines and the leaves begin to crinkle and fall to the ground, this will wrap you up in that favorite hoodie you've been dying to wear.  

Imported by Paris Wine Co.

Albamar 'Fusco,' mencia, ribeira sacra, spain, 2017

Glass 12 Bottle 48

Xurxo Alba sources his Mencia, a grape known for its expressive fragrances of plum, violets, musk, and scrub brush herbaceousness, from Ribeira Sacra's Lugo zone. One of my favorite wine regions in all the world due to its historically very steep, terraced slopes of decayed granite, the vineyards are works of art.  

Imported by Selections de la Viña

Les Tètes 'Au Suivant,' Merlot, Bordeaux Superieur, France, 2017 

Glass 12 Bottle 48

At a recent Bordeaux blind tasting event attended by a strong contingency of Chicago's wine professionals, this particular wine stood out among the top wines of the night besting several "Cru Classe" wines. Les Tètes is a well recognized producer in Bordeaux's Right Bank region, with this being their certified organic (believe me that is not easy to do in an area where spraying for disease control is the norm) non-domaine wine. Captivating dark plum and red currants, with subtle tannin for the classic Merlot "smooth" finish. 

"Au suivant! On to the next one!" Bottle that is.

Imported by Zev Rovine Selections


Maplewood 'pulaski pils,' Pilsner, Chicago

[5.1% 12 oz] 6

Viennese style Pilsner from Logan Square? You bet! Maplewood's incorporates Pilsner and Vienna malt with dry-hopped Santiam hops creating a sneeky rich body, with enticing floral notes. Crisp and refreshing.

Around the Bend ‘Villianous,’ American IPA, Chicago

[6.3% 12 oz] 7
One yeast strain just wasn’t enough, “Villianous” uses FOUR! Two British and two West Coast strains combine to one Super strain. More nuanced than your standard IPA, which are still present, look for subtle apple and clover honey notes.


tandem cidery 'green man,' apple cider, suttons bay, Michigan

[4.5% 12oz] 7

Handcrafting their cider with traditional rack and cloth press, standard fermentation, and a little Leelanau County love, Nikki Rothwell and Dan Young have been producing some truly delicious ciders, since 2006. Rhode Island Greening apples provide a precise and electric edge sans sweetness.



bushido ‘way of the warrior,’ Junmai Ginjo Sake, Kyoto, Japan

[18%, 180mL] 12

This clean, refreshing sake is a great representation of traditional Junmai Ginjo style; watermelon rind, pear, tart berries.