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Saturday March 25th

Join us during our regular service for,

pairings by Chef MadalyN


Pax Trousseau Gris


Cap de Nit Blanc

Phelan Farm Autrement

Limited Quantities



delivered weekly from Duxbury Inlet, Massachusetts, these are arguably the freshest oysters in Chicago

Raw Oyster*

on the half shell, with lemon $3.95


herbed butter $4.25

Werp Farm Greens SALAD

fennel, grapes, celery, Blakesville chèvre, breadcrumbs, preserved lemon dressing  $15

Chilled Golden Beets

crushed manzanilla olives, feta, pistachio, orange, pink peppercorn $8

Radish tartine

Werp Farms radishes, wild onion butter, sourdough $8

Caramelized onion & Mushroom Galette

chèvre ice cream, pea shoots, herbed crust  $15

Mushroom Cavatelli
asparagus, seasonal mushrooms, meyer lemon, brown butter, asiago $18
Rabbit tagliatelle
fresh pasta, milk-braised rabbit ragù, mascarpone, pecorino  $21
Slagel Farms grass-fed beef, sharp cheddar, charred-scallion aioli, crispy shoestring potatoes, brioche $17
Pan seared Rainbow Trout*
leek, red pepper, warmed potato salad with haricots verts, sauce vierge  $28
Steak frites*
6 oz flatiron steak (grass-fed, grain-finished), house frites, mustard cream, chopped herb sauce.
Prepared medium-rare  $30

​cheese and charcuterie

Cheese Board

rotating selection of 3 cheeses, preserves, fresh fruit, crostini  $24

ala carte $8


all 3 meats listed below, accoutrements, toasted bread and crackers  $34

ala carte $14

Duck rillettes
Moulard duck legs, white wine, peppercorn
served with blackberry jam, bread and butter pickles, toasted bread  
Elevation Dry Chorizo
smoked paprika, white wine
served with dijon mustard, bread and butter pickles, and crackers 
Genoa salami
pork and garlic
served with dijon mustard, bread and butter pickles, and crackers 


All of these producers take great care to select the best seafood locally available. The 

fish in these tins was canned immediately upon harvesting, giving you the opportunity

to taste them exactly as they were the day they were caught. 

Smoked pink salmon | klawock, Alaska

Wild-caught salmon sourced from local fisherman, smoked and hand-packed. 


 Sardines in Olive oil and lemon | lisbon, Portugal

Producer Luis Mendonçca honors his grandfather's commitment to preserving the best seafood at peak freshness. These small sardines are canned in an very light olive oil $16


This branzino tastes fresher than most of the fresh branzino I've had. Lightly grilled,

then packed in rich Italian olive oil (which might be good enough to drink). This subtly

sweet, flaky sea bass is a perfect introduction to tinned fish.  $16

Mackerel fillets | Concarneau, france

Sweet and salty mackerel is balanced by a rich sauce of cream and mustard. The Mouettes D'arvor

family cannery is the only surviving cannery on their part of the Bretagne coast.  $16


*served with crostini, manzanilla olives, mustard, and lemon



Vanilla bean ice cream

COS extra virgin olive oil, Maldon salt  $9

Chocolate cake

brown butter buttercream, English toffee (contains nuts) $9

castelvetrano olives

Sicily's finest  $7


herbed salt, garlic aïoli*  $8

Extra Bread

from La Fournette Bakery $1.5

chef Madalyn Durrant

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.



Gramona La Cuvee Brut, Xarel·lo | Macabeu | Parellada, PENEDES, SPAIN, 2017
Glass 14 Bottle 56

Something that stuck with me from our recent visit was Xavier Gramona highlighting, from oysters to steak to wasabi, this wine is impressive for its gastranomic versatility. Biodynamically farmed, whole pressed, and aged for 40 months, La Cuvee is a collection from 12 plots around their wine making facility Celler Batelle. It is a great place to start to experience the amazing capability of these wine's aging potential so check out our reserve offerings from Gramona for up to 111 months in the bottle! (psst.. order Gramona off our reserve list before 6pm M-Th and get a dozen oysters free)

Distributed by Winebow

Ricochet Wine Co. 'Le Ressort' Willamette Valley Pet Nat Pinot Blanc | Pinot Noir

Glass 14 Bottle 56

After a a stint in Chicago fine dining Eric Berg moved to Oregon in 2004, (bounce) learning to make wine at Domaine Serene. Just 3 years in, he had to undergo a major hip surgery bringing his winemaking career to an abrupt halt (bounce). Eric spent 6 years as a high-school english teacher before the lure of winemaking and his buddy Brad over to Illahe Vineyards nudged him into becoming their associate winemaker (bounce). Illahe is minimal intervention at it’s best, harvesting by horse and using a stationary bike for pumping which no doubt rubbed off on Berg. Eric Founded Ricochet in 2018, (bounce) to “1. Make killer, authentic, sophisticated, and honest wine that is accessible to a wide spectrum of folks; and 2. Give back to the community by donating 5% of sales to non-profit organizations that help people bounce back from difficult situations.”

LA COLLINA 'QUARESIMO,' lambrusco dell'Emilia, emilia-romagna, italy (fizzy red)

Glass 13 Bottle 52

It's back!! Quite possibly the most enjoyed Lambrusco we've offered is back and I couldn't be happier! La Collina is an organic/biodynamic farming cooperative that not only produces this gem, also vegetables, grains, livestock, bees, and dairy for Parmagiano-Reggiano. Enjoy this zippy, perky, fizzy red with meat and cheese selections.

Imported by Cream Wines, Chicago, IL


Hild Elbling Troken Upper Mosel, Germany 2021

Glass 12 Bottle 48

There is a shift in the Mosel from lower and middle to the ‘Obermosel’ or upper. It starts from deep in the soil and extends out to the vines and into the fruit. When the wine makers ferment the fruit here and drink it, something of cultural significance develops. The dialect of the wine shifts from the seriousness and complexity of riesling to purity and simplicity. Elbling is one of Europe’s oldest grapes but is far more refreshing than anything of noblity. As you move north the river basin shifts from slate to limestone and for compatibility reasons, riesling as the dominate variety to to elbling. Matthias Hild does have one thing in common with lower parts of the river, he makes honest and quality wines where it is not feasible.


Glass 14 Bottle 56

Sourced from multiple vineyards spanning 3 different villages, Barrel X is an off dry, (feinherb), appellation-level wine that exemplifies Florian Lauer’s ideal of what Saar Riesling should be. Lauer fights the good fight from hand harvesting due to the very steep vineyards to preserving the vineyard names from the german government.  -nik    

Imported by Vom Boden Wines, Chicago

Domaine de la Robinière 'Bel-Air' Vouvray Sec, CHENIN BLANC, Loire VALLEY, France, 2019

Glass 13 Bottle 52

In an area within the Loire and Brenne Valleys, Chenin, also called Pineau de la Loire, does well on clay and limestone. In the town of Chancay there is a ‘lieu dit’ or special vineyard site called Bel Air. Considered by many a Grand Cru vineyard, the Bel Air vines grow atop a thin layer of flinty topsoil, with immediate access to the chalk that sits below. Vincent Rainbault says his 60 year old vines deliver the perfect fruit to express this unique terrior. A perfect aperitif to enjoy with an array cheeses. Here is his list: Sainte Maure de Touraine, tome des Vosges, Saint Nectaire, Camembert, Comté, Petit Trôo, Brillat Savarin…

Imported by T. Edwards Wines (Lagniappe Beverage, Chicago)

Maradei 'aglo,' Guarnaccia Bianca | Malvasia Bianca, Calabria, Italy, 2018

Glass 15 Bottle 59

Aglo is vinified in the heart of the Arab-Byzantine territory of this southern region of Italy. These obscure varietals are grown organically and provide a glimpse into this oft forgotten region's ability to produce wines with purity and aging potential. At first glance it seems this wine had some skin contact. However, fermentation occurred in stainless steel vats for eight months with another 8-10 months bottle age before release.   

Imported by Back Roads Importing



Glass 13

This wine transcends provincial rosé. Quaffable, but not so fast! There is a lot here to be savored! Subtle color and lean body defiantly exude an abundance of herbs on the front end  and then strawberries and cream on the back end. Clos Cibonne property began in 1793 when the Roux family purchased it from Jean-Baptiste de Cibon, a captain in the royal marines of Louis XVI. The vineyards are organically farmed and Tibouren is the sole variety in this wine. -nik

Imported by De Maison Selections (distributed by Maverick, Chicago)

Red Tail Ridge Dry Rosé, CabERNET Franc, FINGER LAKES, NEW YORK 2021

Glass 13 Bottle 56

A veteran of corporate winemaking at Gallo, Nancy Irelan and her accountant husband Mike Schnelle purchased a 34-acre plot by Seneca Lake in 2004 to begin growing their own grapes. Through Red Tail Ridge, she’s consistently showcased the Finger Lakes region’s potential to produce leaner, Old World-style wines. Balanced and simply delicious is how I describe her wines. This super-quaffable Cab Franc rosé is no exception. Fresh with enough saltiness and strawberry notes, it nevertheless carries a fleshier mid-palate mouthfeel that makes it a touch more substantial expression than the typically thin, summery style some may associate with rosés. -mikey

Distributed by Simple Farmer Wines, Chicago




(Quick explanation: White wine grapes where the skins were not separated from the pressed juice and left on during the fermentation process, resulting in it’s color and texture.)

Do-Re-Me (Dō-Ray-Mē), Rkatsitelli | Mtsvane (Cat-suh-tell-E, Muhts-Van-nah), KakHeti, Georgia, 2020 

Glass 15 Bottle 59  

Friends Giorgi and Mamuka partnered together to craft traditional Georgian wines that only ferment with natural, wild yeasts and never any additives. The grapes spend six months on their skins in underground Earthenware called, Kvevri. This is the first time I've offered Do-Re-Mi's wines and quite likely the best vintage I've tasted from them. The wine shows more tea notes than fruits, with a tannin level that rivals most red wines. This all combines to create one of the most versatile wines for food pairings! Gaumarjos!! 

Imported by Terraneo Wines, Chicago

Cap de nit, Moscatel de Alejandria, Alcante, Spain, 2021

Glass 14 Bottle 56  

In the last few months I have been presented with wines that are attempting to usurp my love of Tom Lubbe's "Matassa." The similarity all of these wines have had is the amount of skin contact the main grape, Muscat de Alexandria/Moscatel de Alejandria receive. Is the farming and winemaking also similar? Yes. Commercial, or conventional wineries would never waste their time making this style. And, what's not to love? Muscat is not Moscato. It's not sweet, yet tropical and musky. Get it? Eight months on the skins delivers those characteristics in spades, while maintaining a tannin that keeps the versatility with food a huge plus.

Imported by San Pelayo Imports (High Roads Wine & Spirits, Chicago)


NV Bodegas Yuste, Palomino Fino, Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalusia, Spain

Glass 12

Yuste adopted a 19th century solera with his own to produce a complex and beguiling Manzanilla, between 8 and 10 years of age. This comes from keg and not bottle, so the Sherry “purest” can’t complain that it’s not “fresh.”

Imported by Classical Wines (High Roads Wine and Spirits, Chicago)



Glass 13 Bottle 52

Phillipe, and his wife Veronique, took over his parents vineyard, in 2002. Planted mostly to Sauvignon Blanc, he crafts this red with a little Côt (Malbec) for a super juicy, approachable quaffer that expresses perfumed red and black cherries, bittersweet tobacco, with Keemum black tea undertones and a leafy crunch.

Imported by Terraneo Wines, Chicago

2021 Bow & Arrow, Rhinestones, Pinot Noir | Gamay, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 2021

Glass 15 Bottle 59

We depart from Scott Frank’s working man’s Willamette Valley Pinot, (we/you drank it all), and move on to a more 'old world' expression with stylings of Cheverny. The AOC there mandates blends of Gamay and Pinot. I love it when American vignerons can trick us with something that tastes European. This vintage Rhinestones is no ruse, just expertly sourced fruit made into serious wine with little intervention. It’s no wonder that this is Bow & Arrow’s flagship wine.

 Château Les Croisille ‘Cocori Côt’ MALBEC | MERLOT CAHORS, France, 2020

 Glass 13 Bottle 52

“Cock-a-doodle-do” or “cocori-coe!” like our french nephews might sing as they are running around the farm where our sister lives. They live in Toulouse, not to far south from Cahors where Bernard and Cécile moved in 79’. With a ton of youthful energy the Croisille family began the painstaking process of building a vineyard from scratch, (17 acres, now 74 acres), not vinifying a harvest until 84’. You can tell they enjoyed it because their energy transcends through their wines and especially in this playfully fresh blend. It’s carbonic, uplifting and dare I say promises a spring just around the corner!

Imported by Candid Wines, Chicago

Nicolas Reau 'Ange' Cabernet Franc, Anjou, Franc, 2021

 Glass 14 Bottle 56

A stalwart in the French natural wine movement since the early aughts, Reau farms Chenin and Cabernet Franc Biodynamically in central Loire. Starting with 28 hectares, Nicolas found the best five surrounded by a wall and let the rest go. Clos des Treilles is his business and the name of those five, (now seven), precious hectares where he creates this freeform expression of Cab Franc. Vinification is started with wild yeasts and the elevage is balanced between oak and concrete without filtering, fining or sulfur. Reau says he uses his intuition to identify when the fruit is ripe enough to make a great wine with low alcohol.

Domaine du somail 'Le vin de Plume,' Mourvèdre | Syrah, Minervois, France, 2020

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Balance and depth are the result of gentle cultivation and vinification here. It’s a fresh elegant wine and an amazing value. Biodynamic principles are followed in the vineyards and a hands off approach in the cellar where they let the cold winter naturally clarify the wines before blending in the Spring. We hope Tracy can keep Plume in stock for us as Domaine du Somail always has a place at Webster’s.

Imported by Original Wine Company


Glass 13 Bottle 52

The Suriol family has resided in Castell de Grabuac, Alt Penedès, near Barcelona since the 15th century. A longtime producer of delicious cava and still wines from their own vineyards, the family also buys grapes from their neighbors to be vinified and released under the Azimut line. A blend of Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo), Monastrell, Garnatxa, and Carignan, this Negre Penedès bottling is fun and juicy. Showing some barnyard in the nose, the palate is medium-bodied with mulberry and black cherry impressions, balanced by a nice moderate tannic grip. -mikey

Imported by Jenny & Francois Selections, Distributed by Vine Joy, Chicago

La Ferme RougE, ‘TERRE ROUGE’ Syrah | Tempranillo, MOROCCO 2019

Glass 13 Bottle 56

Though La Ferme Rouge’s winemaking dates back to the 1930s, it’s been under the care of French winemaker Jacques Poulain in the last 30 years. Farming organically, Poulain also applies a low intervention practice in the cellar. Morocco’s Zaer region is historically known for grape and olive cultivation. Lying 25 miles from the ocean, rising in a succession of hills at 450 meters above sea level, La Ferme Rouge has a strong Atlantic influence all year round, blessed with a temperate growing climate. The most notable part of the land is the soil: a mix of ancient sands and red clay locally dubbed Hamri. Even the nose of this Tempranillo/Syrah blend already shows the influence of the sandy red clay soil—lovely soft tannins and red fruits with brambly blackberries. With the lack of any strong oak flavors, thanks to aging in used Burgundy barrels, this bottle nicely showcases the two grapes in a more delicate light.


Glass 15 Bottle 59

Here is your ‘Baby Barolo’, and yes, total infanticide on my part with opening these bottles right now but both vintages are drinking great and a precise elaborations on what a difference a year can make. It is rare for anyone to be able to taste vintages side by side so when I saw the opportunity to grab the rest of the 18’ right before the 19’s hit the market I pulled the trigger and here it is. Paired with Chef’s Tagliatelle in Rabbit Ragù is my go to, but Steak Frites works too. If you catch my drift, grab some off our retail shelf and lay em’ down. I just open my last 15’ and it was exquisite!

Imported by The Piedmont Guy, Distributed by Simple Farmer Wines



Glass 11 Bottle 45

Launched in December 2020, Proxies are a whole new form of beverage, but not "de-alcoholized" or "non-alcohol" wine. They are layered blends of juices, teas, spices and designed to be paired with food and enjoyed like a wine. "Pastiche" uses Gewurtztraminer grapes, lychee, pineapple, peach, rose vinegar, pink peppercorn, galangal, clove, bai jian white tea, oolong tea, and mosaic hops. I'm just to sold on the "de-alcoholized" wines I've tasted. This I found to be the better alternative to wine for its complexity and body.

Distributed by Maverick Wines


Glass 11 Bottle 45

Distributed by Maverick Wines


Maplewood 'Pulaski Pils,' Logan Square, Chicago
[5% 12 oz] 7

Only controlled biological farming of malt, hops, and barley, and wheat, are used in the brewing process for this incredible offering from Stiegl! It's cloudy, unfiltered body preserves all of the natural nutrients. This beer is only around for a limited time, so take advantage! 

Burnt city brewery 'Raptor snacks," IPA, District Brew Yards, Chicago

[7% 12 oz] 7

"Citra and experimental HBC-630 hops get together to lend delectable notes of tropical fruit and hard candy to this local west coast-style IPA. Hop-forward, but not aggressively bitter. A good beer to pair with a wide range of foods."--Ben Saller, Brewer, and friend of ours.



Eric Bordelet NV 'Nouvelle Vague' Sidre, Normandy, FRANCE

[6%, 330ml] 12

Made from up to 50 varieties biodynamically farmed antique apple trees, (some over 200 years old!). Manually harvested apples were dehydrated 4-5 weeks in drafty English channel breeze then pressed to start fermentation from indigenous yeast and finish the process after bottling. This a version of Norman Sidre has the complexity and intensity you’d expect from such an abundance heirloom fruit. Eric was the former Sommelier at Paris’ Arpege before being drawn back to his family’s 1.5 hectare pear and apple orchard by his good friend Didier Dageneau to pursue his dream of making world-class cider in his native Normandy.

Isastegi Sagardo NaturalA, Tolosa, BASQUE ​COUNTRY, SPAIN

[6%, 750ml] 21

A great friend of mine grew up drinking this cidra. We’ve tasted it from the can and the keg. To get the full experience, drink it from the bottle. There is a little bit of must in each bottle that really gives it that Basque feel. Salty brine integrated with sour apple tartness. The bottles have a special cork for the famous long pour but we can also put it in a porron if you ask nicely.

Imported by De Maison Selections (distributed by Maverick, Chicago)

Julien Fremont, Apple Cidre Brut, Normandy, France, 2020 ​

[6%, 750ml] 28

Julien crafts a unique style of cidre in the most natural process possible. All the apples are hand harvested, pressed through a web cloth to extract every bit of juice possible, then racked into wooden vats. He does not add any sulfur at any point, so the fermentation continues in the bottle. 


bushido ‘way of the warrior,’ Junmai Ginjo Sake, Kyoto, Japan

[18%, 180mL] 12

This clean, refreshing sake is a great representation of traditional Junmai Ginjo style; watermelon rind, pear, tart berries.

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