To Eat

Daily Oyster*

 on the half shell, with lemon $3.75


Chef's pistou butter $4.25

castelvetrano olives

in brine $7

Marcona Almonds

Chef Matthew's herb/spice blend  $9


herbed salt, garlic aïoli*  $7

Flash Fried BRUSSELS

leek fondue, Parmigiano Reggiano  $12

Nichols Farm ROASTED New Potatoes

crushed Castelvetrano olives, roasted garlic, cilantro-lime crema, sultanas  $13


organic vegetables, croutons, citrus-tahini vinaigrette $13


butter, chili flake, salt, pepper and olive oil $12

DirtY Rice

ground pork, jasmine rice, trinity and cajun seasoning $10

crawfish monica
spiral pasta, creole spiced cream sauce $22
Slagel Farms grass-fed beef, sharp cheddar, bacon jam, shoestring potatoes, charred-scallion aioli $16
Rainbow Trout

pan fried, citrus beurre blanc, herb salad, tobiko, fried capers $26

Slagel Bone-In Pork SHOULDER
apple cider mostarda, Adluh stone gound grits, popped sorghum, basil and red mustard green $26

Cheese Board

rotating selection of 3 cheeses, preserves,

fresh fruit, baguette, $24

ala carte $8


all 3 meats listed below, accoutrements, bread and crackers $34 

 Pork Rillette

dijon mustard, pickles, preserves, baguette $11

dijon mustard, pickles and crackers $14
Red Bear 'Tipsy Cow' Dry SALAMI
Angus beef with sea salt, garlic, aged brandy
with dijon mustard, pickles and crackers $14

Bread & Crackers

warmed baguette + crackers

for enjoying with multiple plates $3

Extra Baguette

from La Boulangerie $1.5


assorted flavors from La Boulangerie $5 each

chocolate mousse

brûléed banana $9


May 2022


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.




Hild, Elbling, Upper Mosel, Germany, NV
Glass 12 Bottle 48

This unique area does not produce Riesling due to its limestone rich soil that extends into, as well as creates the stunning characteristics, of Sauvignon Blanc, from Sancerre and Chardonnay, from Chablis. If you could roll those two up into one sparkling wine, you’d have Hild’s stunning Elbling Sekt.

Imported by Vom Boden

Minimus 'Rockwell,' Multiple Red and White Grapes, Oregon, NV (Rosé)

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Harvest in Oregon, in 2020, was marred by devastating wildfires. Winemaker, Laura Cusick, took this opportunity to use some red wine that was currently in barrel from the 2019 vintage, blend it with an array of white grapes sourced from organic/bio-d vineyards from five locations throughout the Willamette Valley and "carbo-load" it. No pretension here. Only "top down, wind in your face, exuberantly singing along to your favorite summertime classic!" 

Distributed by Candid Wines, Chicago

LA COLLINA 'QUARESIMO,' lambrusco dell'Emilia, emilia-romagna, italy (fizzy red)

Glass 12 Bottle 48

It's back!! Quite possibly the most enjoyed Lambrusco we've offered is back and I couldn't be happier! La Collina is an organic/biodynamic farming cooperative that not only produces this gem, also vegetables, grains, livestock, bees, and dairy for Parmagiano-Reggiano. Enjoy this zippy, perky, fizzy red with meat and cheese selections.

Imported by Cream Wines, Chicago, IL


Xarmant (Char-mant), Txakolí (Chaw-Ko-lee) de álava, Basque, Spain 

15 (250 mL can=8.5 oz)

Summer time means "Txakoli time!" Northeast Spain's Basque Country specializes in crisp, naturally frizzante, wines typically enjoyed straight out of pouring vessel called a "porron." This is a wine meant to be enjoyed as fresh as possible and that's why I chose to offer the canned packaging. Think crisp green apple and green grapes. Acid? C'mon!

Imported by De Maison Selections (Maverick Wines, Chicago)

Jurtschitsch 'Terrassen,' Grüner veltliner, Kamptal, Austria, 2020

Glass 13 Bottle 52

It seems like a million years ago that Alwin Jurtschitsch visited us in 2018. I appreciate that he, and his wife Stefanie, traveled around the world and noticed that the wines they were more interested in, that were the most food friendly, were those farmed organically and made with little to no intervention. The Kamptal is known for its loess soils which lends itself to the steely, mineral driven Grüner Veltliner that has been a sommelier's best friend as long as I've been in the business.  

Imported by David Bowler Wines (H2Vino Wine Co, Chicago)

Costador '1954,' Xarel-lo (Sha-Rel-low), Catalunya, Spain, 2016

Glass 12 Bottle 48

Xarel-lo is a very important grape to Catalunyan Cava makers. It has this ability to be very sturdy and allow Cava wines to be shipped long distances without oxidation. As a single varietal, non-sparkling wine, it ages like a glacier. Rich acidity, brown butter, macadamian nut, sunflower oil, and unabashedly quixotic! Combining both red and white Xarel-lo grapes, which adds to the rich, textured palate, you'll feel this wine is aged in new oak for at least a year. On the contrary, the wine only spends seven months in multiple used barrels. A magical pairing with Chef's trout with citrus beurre blanc. 

Imported by Savio Soares Selections


(Quick explanation: White wine grapes where the skins were not separated from the pressed juice and left on during the fermentation process, resulting in it’s color and texture.)
Big Salt 'Orange Rosé,' Pinot Gris and friends, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 2021 

Glass 13 Bottle 52  

Follow me on this one friends, Big Salt, the wildly popular blend of Riesling and Gewurtztraminer is blended with Pinot Gris that has spent a good amount of time on the its skins. Pinot Gris berries are copper and pinkish in color. So, it provides a "rosé-ish" hue. The blend is then barreled in old French Oak before release. A juicy wine bursting with all sorts of fruit nuances and then finishing with a slight, soft tannin. Really fun stuff! Only 100 cases were produced.

Distributed by Maverick Wines, Chicago


NV Bodegas Yuste, Palomino Fino, Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalusia, Spain

Glass 12

Yuste adopted a 19th century solera with his own to produce a complex and beguiling Manzanilla, between 8 and 10 years of age. This comes from keg and not bottle, so the Sherry “purest” can’t complain that it’s not “fresh.”

Imported by Classical Wines (Hard Road Wines, Chicago)



Ingrid Groiss 'Ried Hasenhaide,' Pinot Noir, Niederösterreich, Austria, 2020
Glass 11 Bottle 44

I love rosé after a year of age when it loses it's baby bubble gum aromas and actually reveals the more accurately the grape's natural characteristics. This is annually one of my very favorites and is a reminder that summer concerts, barbecues, and beach time is just around the corner. "Passionate, emotional, and determined" are three words Ingrid uses to describe her winemaking. She's a beaming star in one of the most exciting wine regions in Europe, Austria's "Weinviertel."  

Imported by Candid Wines, Chicago


Land of Saints, Carbonic pinot Noir, san Luis Obispo County, California, 2021

Glass 13 Bottle 52

A partnership between one of our favorite winemakers, Angela Osborne (A Tribute to Grace wines), her husband, Jason, and Manuel Cuevas. Each person puts their own persona, culture, and sense of place into this wine. Displaying a delightful combination of typical SoCal Pinot notes of rich, ripe berries and spice with the carbonic well integrated in this youthful, yet stylish delighter.  

Distributed by VineJoy, Chicago

Quinta Milú, Tempranillo, Ribera del duero, Spain, 2020

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Germán Blanco is on of my favorite winemakers. He currently produces wine in Spain's most heralded regions, yet not adhering to the dated traditions of excessive oak aging and commercial farming. His wines show a purtity of fruit that distinctly reflect his own personality. "Mi L, or Milú" is the nickname for his young son, Lucas. As we finally move into spring and summer, we will start to enjoy the beautiful aromas of blueberries and blackberries this wine exhibits in spades. 

Imported by Bobo Selections (Lagniappe Beverage, Chicago)

Nicholas Reau 'Ange,' Cabernet Franc, Anjou, Loire Valley, France, 2020

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Réau’s love of wine started at a young age, but never thought that a career in winemaking was possible if you didn’t grow up in a vigneron family. He chose the piano as his craft, until the decision to beat the odds and do what he loved make wine. A seminal figure of the natural wine movement, in fact his wife started the wine expo, Le Dive Bouteille. His minimalistic style is represented in clean, bright, fresh wines indicative of the flinty clay of Anjou.

Imported by Bobo Selections (Lagniappe Beverage, Chicago)

Roc D'anglade (Rōck Don-Glaud), Carignan/GSM, Gard, Languedoc, France, 2016

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Rémy Pedreno does not worry himself with "points" or archaic laws bestowed upon by the Languedoc AOC. He champions Carignan, a grape that isn't as well known as Syrah or Grenache, yet deserves every bit of the same notoriety. Your first takeaway from the wine is that it is a really serious bottle that was probably calculated and analyzed to death.

Hardly. Rémy believes in a hands off approach, very little use of sulfur, and promoting the alluring profiles of the grapes in harmony.

An incredible opportunity to enjoy this wine by the glass with our short rib. 

Imported by Candid Wines, Chicago

Orsi 'Posca Rossa,' Barbera/Sangiovese, emilia-Rogmagna, Italy, NV

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Federico Orsi co-founded Mercato della Terra, a farmer's market in Bologna. He didn't set out to farm vineyards and make wine, but the bug bit himwhen a local Bolognese vineyard came up for sale. What's unique and compelling about Posca Rosso is Federico's use of a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon from a solera he started in 2008! Sangiovese originated in the Emilia-Romagna and has a different profile from that of Tuscany. Stewed fruits and savory, balsamic notes balance out and don't become cloying. 

The ultimate "type O-" wine that is a great pairing with almost anything.

Imported by Louis/Dressner Selections (Maverick Wines, Chicago)

Sleight of Hand 'thE spellbinder,' Bordeaux blend, walla walla, washington, 2016 

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Jerry Solomon and Trey Busch formed a "magical" partnership when they started Sleight of Hand, in 2007. They are fortunate to source grapes from the top vineyards from Red Mountain and Columbia Valley. "The Spellbinder" is your quintessential Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and  Merlot, that sees 11 months of in oak, 20% new. Looking for that dark, brooding, yet balanced winter wine, look no further. "Walla Walla for wine, Napa for auto parts."

Distributed by Simple Farmer Wines


Maplewood 'pulaski pils,' Pilsner, Chicago

[5.1% 12 oz] 7

Viennese style Pilsner from Logan Square? You bet! Maplewood's incorporates Pilsner and Vienna malt with dry-hopped Santiam hops creating a sneeky rich body, with enticing floral notes. Crisp and refreshing.

Burnt City 'Raptor snacks,' IPA, Chicago

[7% 12 oz] 7

Our good friends, Ben and John Saller, have retooled their IPA recipe, but make no mistake, there is still a righteous load of hops that will satisfy any IBU head. 

Tandem Cidery 'Smackintosh,' Semi-Sweet Apple Cider, Suttons Bay, Michigan

[4.5% 12 oz] 6

Handcrafting their cider with a traditional rack and cloth press, standard fermentation, and a little Leelanau County love, Nikki Rothwell and Dan Young have been crafting some truly delicious ciders, since 2006. A blend of McIntosh (for the sweet) Rhode Island Greening (for some dry) and Northern Sky (for that palate pleasing acidity) apples come together for a great spring time cider.

Cider In Bottle (330 mL=11.2 oz)

​Ciderie du Leguer 'Granit,' Apple Cider, Brittany, France

[6.5%, 330mL] 12

It's an easy assumption that Brittany and, the more well known, Normandy, ciders are basically the same. Brittany's further to the west and is prone to harsher weather events causing the apples to produce higher acid, more rustic ciders. Leguer ferments naturally, the must is never filtered, nor is any sulfur ever added. A true food pairing cider!


bushido ‘way of the warrior,’ Junmai Ginjo Sake, Kyoto, Japan

[18%, 180mL] 12

This clean, refreshing sake is a great representation of traditional Junmai Ginjo style; watermelon rind, pear, tart berries.