delivered weekly from Duxbury Inlet, Massachusetts, these are arguably the freshest oysters in Chicago

Raw Oyster*

on the half shell, with lemon $3.95


herbed butter $4.25

Werp Farm Greens SALAD

fennel, pomegranate, celery, Blakesville chèvre, preserved lemon dressing  $15

Caramelized onion & Mushroom Galette

chèvre ice cream, pea shoots, herbed crust  $15

duck sausage, chicken thighs, pork shoulder, white beans, tomato, garlic, brandy, herbs de Provence, breadcrumbs  $13
handmade tagliatelle
fresh pasta, milk-braised rabbit, mushroom ragù, pecorino  $21
Slagel Farms grass-fed beef, sharp cheddar, charred-scallion aioli, shoestring potatoes, house pickles on brioche  $17
Pan Fried Rainbow Trout*
citrus beurre blanc, fried capers, tobiko, herb salad  $26
D'artagnan family farms flatiron STEAK*
6 oz grass and grain fed beef, adjika, spiced fried potatoes, yogurt sauce, pickled onions. Served medium-rare  $30

​cheese and charcuterie

Cheese Board

rotating selection of 3 cheeses, preserves,

fresh fruit, toasted baguette, $24

ala carte $8


all 3 meats listed below, accoutrements, toasted bread and crackers $34

Duck rillettes
Moulard duck legs, white wine, peppercorn
port and cherry jam, pickled carrots, toasted bread $14
dry cured, red wine, garlic
served with dijon mustard, pickles, and crackers $14
casella's prosciutto
heritage pork, from NY
served with dijon mustard, pickles, and crackers $14


All of the producers featured here take great care in sourcing (often hand-selecting) the freshest seafood available to them locally. The fish in these tins was canned immediately upon harvesting, giving you the unique opportunity to taste these fish exactly as they were the day they were caught.

freshwater trout | copenhagen, Denmark

 Danish producer Fangst sources from a rotating group of fishers and farms in Norway and Denmark, always prioritizing the best available product. Whole trout fillets are lightly smoked, and packed with lemon thyme and juniper. $16


This branzino tastes fresher than most of the fresh branzino I’ve had. Lightly grilled,  then packed in rich Italian olive oil (which is good enough to drink on its own). This subtly sweet, flaky sea bass is a perfect introduction to tinned fish.   $16

 Sardines in Olive oil | lisbon, Portugal

Producer Luis Mendonçca honors his grandfather's commitment to preserving the best seafood at peak freshness. These small, mild sardines are canned in an unbelievable light olive oil, and are delicious with olives.


*served with toasted ciabatta, semolina crisps, manzanilla olives, mustard, and lemon



VANILLA ice cream LIZ's Way

vanilla bean, COS Winery extra virgin olive oil, sea salt $9

chocolate Olive Oil cake

almond brittle, PX cream, cherry $9

castelvetrano olives

Sicily's finest  $7


herbed salt, garlic aïoli*  $8

Bread & Crackers

toasted baguette + crackers

for enjoying with multiple plates $3

Extra Bread

from La Fournette Bakery $1.5

chef Madalyn Durrant

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.



Bernard Remy 'Carte Blanche,' Côte des Blancs, Champagne, France, NV
Glass 18 Bottle 72

Equal parts Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, with the Chardonnay coming from their vineyards in the Côtes des Blancs.

It's December, a time to raise a glass to the conclusion of another year!

Imported by Shiverick Wines (High Roads Wine and Spirits, Chicago)

Meinklang 'Prosa,' pinot Noir, Pétillant Naturel, österreich, Austria (Rosé)

Glass 13 Bottle 52

More info to come...but, I assure you, it's delicious!

Imported by Zev Rovine Selections (Cream Wines, Chicago)

LA COLLINA 'QUARESIMO,' lambrusco dell'Emilia, emilia-romagna, italy (fizzy red)

Glass 12 Bottle 48

It's back!! Quite possibly the most enjoyed Lambrusco we've offered is back and I couldn't be happier! La Collina is an organic/biodynamic farming cooperative that not only produces this gem, also vegetables, grains, livestock, bees, and dairy for Parmagiano-Reggiano. Enjoy this zippy, perky, fizzy red with meat and cheese selections.

Imported by Cream Wines, Chicago, IL


Viotti 'Lenco,' Cortese, Alto Piemonte, Italy 2021

Glass 11 Bottle 44

I think I found it, friends! What do you ask has been found? I found a wine to replace the beloved Txakoli outside of summer. Bianca and Guido Viotti are committed to sustainability in their farming. Cortese is most famously known for it's Gavi DOCG wines and tend to have more Cinque Terre wines than Piedmontese. Saline and melon, with just a touch of spritz that I really liked and decided to pour the wine through a tapón escanciador to break down the acid and open up the lovely aromas. 

Imported by Back Roads Importing


Glass 13 Bottle 52

From Vincent's "lieu dit" (smallest parcel) "Bel Air." The 60+ year old vines sit on top of flinty top soil with chalky soil below. A stunning combination for producing incredibly ornate Chenin flavors. With a little bit of age, typical notes of linden and lime, bruised apple really highlight. The palate has shows a profile indicative of some of the great Vouvray's, yet didn't retain the botrytis "sweet honey" notes. This is a banger of a wine!

Imported by T. Edward's Wines (Lagniappe Wines, Chicago)

AlmaRoja, by Charlotte Allen, 'Pirita,' White Blend, Arribes, Spain, 2015

Glass 13 Bottle 52

I'm just going to throw this out there, you need this wine in your life! Is Charlotte Allen from Spain? No. She's from England. Is Arribes easy to get to and a tourist destination? No. It's quite remote. Bordering northern Portugal, between Zamora and Salamanca. Isn't a 2015 white wine from Spain supposed to be heavily oak aged and slightly oxidized? Negative. This wine is so fresh and precise, I thought the labels were wrong. Then clearly she's manipulating the wine. Wrong again. Charlotte has a vision for each of her wines and that vision does not include unnatural mitigations. De nada.

Imported by Vino Vi & Co. (Simple Farmer Wines, Chicago)


Glass 13 Bottle 52

Scott Frank generally sets out to craft his wines like the wines he loves from the Loire Valley. Admittedly, this one gears more Friulian. A blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Pinot Gris, with all of the fruit coming from great vineyards in the Willamette. A wine, that I like to say, answers a lot of question with "Yes!"

Yet, also drinks like a lovely Chardonnay.    

Distributed by Vom Boden Wines, Chicago




(Quick explanation: White wine grapes where the skins were not separated from the pressed juice and left on during the fermentation process, resulting in it’s color and texture.)

Do-Re-Me (Dō-Ray-Mē), Rkatsitelli/Mtsvane (Cat-suh-tell-E, Muhts-Van-nah), KakHeti, Georgia, 2020 

Glass 13 Bottle 52  

Friends Giorgi and Mamuka partnered together to craft traditional Georgian wines that only ferment with natural, wild yeasts and never any additives. The grapes spend six months on their skins in underground Earthenware called, Kvevri. This is the first time I've offered Do-Re-Mi's wines and quite likely the best vintage I've tasted from them. The wine shows more tea notes than fruits, with a tannin level that rivals most red wines. This all combines to create one of the most versatile wines for food pairings! Gaumarjos!! 

Imported by Terraneo Wines, Chicago

Roark Wine Co., Grenache Blanc, Santa Maria Valley, California, 2018 

Glass 13 Bottle 52  

New to this concept? Try Matt Roark's interpretation. With some time on the skins, not unlike making a red wine, Grenache Blanc goes from a useful blending grape to a wine with texture, orchard fruit notes without the intense tannins. Available for a limited time only!

Distributed by VineJoy Wines, Chicago


NV Bodegas Yuste, Palomino Fino, Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalusia, Spain

Glass 12

Yuste adopted a 19th century solera with his own to produce a complex and beguiling Manzanilla, between 8 and 10 years of age. This comes from keg and not bottle, so the Sherry “purest” can’t complain that it’s not “fresh.”

Imported by Classical Wines (High Roads Wine and Spirits, Chicago)



Glass 14 Bottle 56

A fascinating study in soil, as well as, is there room for an 11th Crus Beaujolais? Lantignié possesses two faces. One is the western, blue soils that you will find in powerhouse zones of the Côte du Py or Côte de Brouilly; and on the eastern side, granitic sand and the gorgeous pink colored granite. What all this means is an experience of Jean-Paul's impressive array of lifted cherry aromatics with wildly abrupt fruit on the palate with subtle hints of volatility. Just as we like it! 

Imported by Neil Rosenthal Wine Merchant (Cream Wines, Chicago, IL)

Uva De Vida, Graciano, Santa Olalla, Toledo, Spain, 2018

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Carmen Lopez Delgado gets it! After a serious illness was quelled through the rehabilitation capabilities of the earth, she committed her project to reflect that same care. Her vineyards are in the the dry, extremely continental climate where Rioja's blending grape Graciano actually excels. I'm not gonna lie, I hope I get to meet Carmen. I feel her commitment in this wine. It's dusty and cherry laden, with subtle tobacco notes and red plum. Absolutely no oak aging and no addition of sulfur until bottling.

Quite an experience for the soul.

Imported by Vino Vi & Co (Simple Farmer Wines, Chicago)

Chateau D'Oupia 'Les Hérétiques,' Carignan/Grenach, Minervois, France, 2021

Glass 12 Bottle 48

When the leaves fall to the ground I'm reminded to do one thing and it's not rake said leaves, nor carve pumpkins, nor purchase a new layer from It's put the Chateau D'Oupia "Les Hérétiques" on the menu. Always incredibly popular due to the blend of grapes are approachable and pairs incredibly well with dishes of the fall weather. The dark berry, pepper, and spicy garrigue aromas take you to the south of France. 

Imported by Louis/Dressner Selections (Maverick Wines, Chicago)

Béatrice et Pascal Lambert '100% Pure Jus,' Cabernet Franc, Loire Valley, France, 2021

Glass 13 Bottle 52

Béatrice and Pascal gave their son, Antoine, a chance to utilize some of their coveted grapes from Les Chesnaies to craft a highly aromatic, highly gulpable Cab Franc. This wine is pure fire! Antoine utilizes carbonic maceration to bring out a lot of flavors from a difficult vintage. And, what's also very cool, this wine was ONLY sent to CHICAGO!

Suck it New York and LA! 

Imported by Candid Wines, Chicago

Stina 'Cuvée Red,' Red Blend, Island of Brač, Croatia, 2019

Glass 14 Bottle 56

The Island of Brač is one of the most picturesque in the world and a retreat for those who need to unwind, or release their inner artist. A dramatic place to farm grapes with it's short, moderate Mediterranean winters and dry summers. The famed white stones predominant in the soil are suited perfectly for growing Plavic Mali, the dominant grape in this blend. Known for its dense dark wines, when combined with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, you can expect a rich, cinnamon, and dark chocolate tone. Let's go to Brač!

Imported by Terraneo Wines, Chicago​


Glass 12 Bottle 48

It's been far too long since I've offered one of Andrew Jones' wines and this is the perfect time of year for his "Fiction Red." With an astounding 10 varietals blended together, the highest percentage being Zinfandel (this is Paso) and Sangiovese you be pleasantly delighted to find this isn't "palate napalm" but, I assure you, loads of full, ripe, berry, plum flavors. Full blend: 21% Zin, 15% Sangiovese, 13% Petite Sirah, 12% Syrah, 8% Alicante Bouschet, 7% Charbono, 7% Grenache, 7% Cab Franc, 5% Cab Sauv., 5% Corvina

Distributed by VineJoy Wines, Chicago​



Glass 11 Bottle 45

Launched in December 2020, Proxies are a whole new form of beverage, but not "de-alcoholized" or "non-alcohol" wine. They are layered blends of juices, teas, spices and designed to be paired with food and enjoyed like a wine. "Pastiche" uses Gewurtztraminer grapes, lychee, pineapple, peach, rose vinegar, pink peppercorn, galangal, clove, bai jian white tea, oolong tea, and mosaic hops. I'm just to sold on the "de-alcoholized" wines I've tasted. This I found to be the better alternative to wine for its complexity and body.

Distributed by Maverick Wines



Maplewood 'Pulaski Pils,' Logan Square, Chicago

[5% 12 oz] 7

Only controlled biological farming of malt, hops, and barley, and wheat, are used in the brewing process for this incredible offering from Stiegl! It's cloudy, unfiltered body preserves all of the natural nutrients. This beer is only around for a limited time, so take advantage! 

Burnt city brewery 'Raptor snacks," IPA, District Brew Yards, Chicago

[7% 12 oz] 7

"Citra and experimental HBC-630 hops get together to lend delectable notes of tropical fruit and hard candy to this local west coast-style IPA. Hop-forward, but not aggressively bitter. A good beer to pair with a wide range of foods."--Ben Saller, Brewer, and friend of ours


Cider in Can and Large Format Bottle

Tandem Cidery 'Smackintosh,' Apple Cider, Suttons Bay, Michigan​

[4.5%, 16 oz] 7

Handcrafting their cider with a traditional rack and cloth press, standard fermentation, and a little Leelanau County love, Nikki Rothwell and Dan Young have been producing some truly delicious ciders since 2006. A blend of McIntosh (for some sweet), Rhode Island Greenings (for some dry), and Northern Sky (for palate pleasing acidity) apples come together for an awesome summer cider.

Julien Fremont, Apple Cidre Brut, Normandy, France, 2020 ​

[6%, 750ml] 28

Julien crafts a unique style of cidre in the most natural process possible. All the apples are hand harvested, pressed through a web cloth to extract every bit of juice possible, then racked into wooden vats. He does not add any sulfur at any point, so the fermentation continues in the bottle. 


bushido ‘way of the warrior,’ Junmai Ginjo Sake, Kyoto, Japan

[18%, 180mL] 12

This clean, refreshing sake is a great representation of traditional Junmai Ginjo style; watermelon rind, pear, tart berries.